Apple Logic Pro X versus Fl Studio 12: Which is the Better DAW?

A Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is used to record, edit, mix, and create audio files on your computer. While there are many DAWs available, the best one is that which allows converting your ideas quickly into reality while complementing the workflow. Considering this in mind, the two most competing DAWs are and Fruity Loops (Fl) Studio 12 and Apple’s Logic Pro X. Let’s compare the two to find out which one is better.

FL Studio

This is one of the commonly used workstations by both experienced and beginners. It is actually beginner-friendly, especially for EDM production and due to the ease of use as highlighted by Lex Luger who is into beat making clips. It is also known as the ultimate hip hop oriented workstation. The embedded effects and synthesizers are much suited for composing modern digital music. All users seem to praise the piano roll, several effects, 30 instruments, and compatibility with plugins of32- and 64 bits. However, more commendable is the latest update to sound design. The tempting inclusions are the Bass Drum plugin as a synthesizer, updated Image Line for designing custom kicks, Effector plugin with 12 effects such as Gating, Delay, Ring Modulation, and Distortion. Version 12 is available in several editions, ranging from Fruity to the full-fledged signature bundle. FL Studio is more like a typical studio setup making it easier to figure out naturally what a specific function can do, resulting in lowest bar to entry. Well, this also indicates more convoluted workflow than Logic, post early acclimation period. Further, it also lacks the Logic’s mixing and mastering. It can be somewhat tougher to work with audio than in Logic. Moreover, it is rumored that the audio quality is also dissatisfactory. And yes, FL Studio is Windows-only.The guys from toptenreviews   made a very detailed review about Fl Studio ,

Apple Logic Pro X

This version of Logic is much like GarageBand’s more matured bro as well as a leading DAW for creating tracks and beats. The most commendable part is that this app has everything to get started with tracks instantly – guitar and bass amp, virtual drums, software synthesizers, effect simulators, superb quality effects. The version 10, available only in one edition, is the revamped to give 50 GB library of effects and instruments. Newly included features include region based automation, improved piano roll editor, and drum machine designer. The export options allow quick transmissions to iTunes, Airdrop, and Mail Drop. The inclusion of Logic Remote enables controlling the app from iPad. The new version is also tagged to have a friendlier user interface than Fl Studio. For music production, this Apple app offer top-notch native effects, virtual instruments, pitch correction, apple loops, and midi tools at a price much lower than Fl Studio. However, there is no support for 32-bit plugins. You can even enjoy a live performance with this workstation by using the Mainstage 3. This is exclusively a Mac app, which means it is not available for PC users. The reason why several studios use a Mac is the support for all audio formats. Thus, Logic Pro X support more formats for music conversion than Fl Studio,but one of the most common issue if you can say it like that , is this software has no version for windows,so you have to see the best logic pro windows alternative.


Logic Pro X is cheaper and friendlier for most music styles. It is a well rounded DAW.